Flashback: Traveller in Denial

 17/04/11 9:48 AM @seacielo nope. i'm noyt a hrdcore traveller as you are oi... hahaha! where i will go, i will still find a place to stay in 4 a long time
My friend just tweeted. I pondered for five seconds and realized. Hmmnn...
I beg to differ. I am not really hardcore. I am just a classic tale of stale. Heaven knows my actions and whereabouts are mathematically calculated. They usually have to do with three's and seven's. I am still astound on how it works. But as far as being in one place for a long time, not me at all. That is why I need to travel.
Travel for me is a need not a vacation or holiday like everybody else's idea of it. Travel is my life and work in all dimensions. I feel like when I travel, I do life a favor. I know it's crazy, but when I travel I fuel life, if not hold it together. I'm still figuring it how and why. A process I am still in the process of processing. Lol! I'll keep you posted when I finally make sense of it.

— seacielo, april 2011

Update: While I embrace and overcome domestication in one place, my friend has travelled the world more than I did or ever would. I am jealous a bit, but I am happy for her. It has changed her for the best.