Empathy, what?

I think about empathy these days like a serious business, because I need my child to be empathic above else, so to be selfless and compassionate. Never mind success and awards whatsoever most parents want for their child. See, I am not most parents. I am bad at parenting, actually. LOL.

Then I think about empathy these days with a mental video of a former Philippine president, who does not even know the meaning. How does a president not know the meaning of empathy? A president should be empathic first and foremost.

My point is, if people exercise empathy at a particular frequency, life would be what it should be all along. There is flow and fluidity of actions. It is like water finding its level. There might be unhappiness, but happiness comes before the feeling translates into pain. And if there is pain, empathy stops it from being an agony, and so on and so forth. Sadly, this experience only happens during tragic events.

I need my child to make life better with and for everybody, not just his own. Again, like water finding its level, he should be able to be with others at a level that is not above or below. Tricky but...

I hope so,