Personal Ghost

I thought this movie was about fashion blah blah blah. But hey, it is a movie that my metaphysical professor would want a five-page critique with an emphasis on its gist.

I think this is a film made for those who understand séance, otherwise it is made for ordinary moviegoers' confusions. I read a couple reviews, and I cannot tell them apart. Same same theories.

Here goes mine after few head scratches: Lewis is plain dead. He has no plans in keeping his pact with Maureen. He is in peace.

The ghost in the Lewis house who vomited ectoplasm is Kyra, whose about to die. It is also the would-be ghost of Kyra who wakes Maureen. When Maureen googles Kyra with all the pictures, it is actually her subconscious premonition. It is like looking back at Kyra's life.

The would-be ghost of Kyra is also the iPhone stalker, texting Maureen all the while until her death. The messages stop, right?

While Ingo "might" be the killer, Kyra's ghost has lead him to the hotel. Before that, Maureen has already gone to the hotel room and found nothing or no one. Well, Kyra is there waiting for Ingo. She set him up for the police.

So Maureen travels to Oman to see her boyfriend, then the monologue progresses "Victor Hugo in Jersey" style. 

Maureen asks the last question and the answer is yes. Why is this? Because Kyra follows her. She will continue following her until Maureen figures out.

Ghosts especially those like Kyra, attach themselves to people when they are not yet ready. Perhaps they need help accepting their fate. Kyra was narcissistic and that explains everything.

I can still expand this theory by taking notes of the significant scenes like that ghost guy. Each scene defines the plot. But then, I am not in Mr. Labuntog's class anymore. Hehehehe.

I also think, this movie is based on real events. I know someone who has a personal ghost. It is also like those Asian horror films, which are based on real accounts.

I must say, way better than M. Night Shyamalan, this one!