Two-tone Friends

I want rid of them, whom without complete trust and loyalty. It is painful knowing they have reservations all of a sudden. I guess friendship is another romantic relationship. Someone new and better comes along, off the other go or engage into an illicit affair. Of course, it is not cheating. I do not think there is such thing as cheating on a friend with another person, or perhaps I am just naive.

So these friends, yes with "s" friends, I still see their confuse face. I still hear the stutter in their voices. I still remember the undertones of what they said. It is clear as sunny day — we found someone who gives us better opportunities. We like you, but you are so last season. Your flavour has gone stale ages ago, but we are still with you... in a way... in a small way because you are you. You come somehow handy now and then. But we are still friends, okay.

Pathetic. Maybe it is just an overthought, but I know people. If there is one thing I am good at, it is profiling people. It is the bane of my existence, just knowing their feelings and thoughts, overlapping my own.

Whatever, really. I will play their game. It just bothers me because loyalty means so much to me. I am loyal to a fault, and because loyalty is having faith in people. Besides, I love my friends. So yeah, it hurts. But like any person who loves more than the other in a romantic relationship, I let the other person be with the perks of happiness wherever or with whomever. But it still hurts.

The old black,