Daily Prejudice

Even though Australia takes pride in its egalitarianism, prejudice lurks within and around the community. Like in any other country, prejudice is a default reality. The source or reason for it does not even matter anymore, because prejudice always already makes up its mind.

Then, there is my parental existence to a half-breed white child. Some days I think that someday my beloved son would somehow disown me because I am brown. But it is okay, I have already signed on the dotted line, which defines my willingness to take on this future hurt, among other consequences which came when I married his father.

Today, prejudice decides to say hi to Asher and I in the shops. It pains to see that my child is singled-out because of me. He wants to play with a ball. He looks at the staff in his eyes with his hand wide open, asking in gesture for the ball. The man-staff pretends he is busy with other kids. I stand there looking at my son's patience. Then, the staff give the ball to the little blonde girl instead, who does not even want the ball. Well....

This is not the first time, but this is the first time I am putting this out there.