Itchy Feet

All I can think right now is my minimalist travel pack with a toddler in consideration. Travel makes me human. I feel that I regain my enigmatic balance, whatever my subconscious self means by that. No wonder I get disordered mentally. I am not built to last static existence, so when I reach a critical level of stillness, I just want to grasp the end. Who does that? Right? Me.

I have to remind myself constantly that I choose this limitation and all the conditions which come with it. I cannot just pick and go like I use to do it before.

However, when I travel now with my husband and child, it feels right and enough. I feel life as it should be... free. And I have to be grateful because I can afford this kind of reality even if sometimes I want to scratch my way to be in another place.

I do not travel because I want to see or experience places and people, well those, but most of all, it makes me appreciate life and non-life in this dimension or beyond.