Promise or Whatever

I have to promise myself. Just write, like whatever. Sure, sure there are template trends of a good copy. Who fucking cares?! I seek no audience, really. I am my own audience. Writing is breathing as much as running. It what makes me human with an approved soul and spirit.

I have a good excuse. My son gets every good of me, including my mind. I love like that, very hardcore. Some mums do it all. They have careers and great kids. However, I am not wired like them. I focus and concentrate in raising a human being. I make sure he grows up to be how human beings should be in the first place – inherently good until he is 100 years old.

I am not even half way finishing this, but my son calls. I have to listen and give this up at the moment. My parents never listened to me growing up. I do not want that for him. So....