Secret Condescendence

There was much fuss about yesterday or the other day, whichever time zone dictated April 30. The tenth anniversary of the movie Mean Girls. Who does movie anniversary? Pft! It just goes to show that there is no moving on from high school. The dynamics, the politics, etc., etc. which really are a small-scale revelation of hierarchal status in life. Again, there is no moving on from high school. There is only the bigger version of it as time passes by.

Everyday I get the chance to talk to a friend. Our conversations are good. There is no commitment of keeping up with the flow. If either of us needs to go or has something to do, it is always alright to just stop with or without excuses. So it is always "... to be continued." Perhaps the upside, if not, the downside of online chat. 

I daresay, we might be secret meanies. Closet mean girls. LOL! We talk about other people. We judge them. Who does not, really? All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand* or anybody's hands for that matter. We dissect situations. We analyse the frontal personification of beings. There are so much of an individual rather than the projected self. We are very good at spotting them, and we only keep them in confidence. I guess.

I may not get my friend to the same position as I am speaking from at the moment, but my tendencies to draw personal opinions towards others are inevitable. After all, reality is defined as reality as seen on TV or the Internet. I am entitled to express my POV on whatever is presented. This is the advent of selfies and monopods in the pursuit of a Look At Me Culture. The likes and the unlikes are mum alternatives of comments towards the posted subject, otherwise there would be comments. Literally. The worse part is, when those remarks are negative, they make a bully out of one saying them. And then, the victim comes into play, which is so unfair. Why? Because at the end of the day, that victim usually ends up with money as a compensation from causal charities against bullying. Ludicrous, very much so! As for me, perhaps my friend too, I am just answering the invisible question in bold letters as hold up, "What do you think?" And yes, I speak my mind. I spill my thoughts. So excuse me.

I want to think of myself as a good judge of character, although it does not mean my judgments are spot on. I could be mistaken too at times. Yet, my opinions are sincere. I do not want anybody to take them away from me just because they feel bad about it. Just to stir clear of the water, it makes me feel bad too when I find out I make that person disgusted or angered. This is the part wherein my secret condescendence with my particular friend comes in.

I am not being hypocritical towards others. I just do not think that most people have the tenacity or the endurance to take in and accept my in-your-face comments. Oh I have been in situations which placed me on the pedestal of meanness when I put my words out there. I always take full responsibility of my words. I just do not squander them around. I keep my words in check and honour.

There, there now. I am a mean girl just like everybody else. :)

*Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 1