Sugar, The Spirit Killer

What troubles the soul is actually what troubles the spirit. There is an infinite constant as to the influence of the soul and spirit to each other. There is the persistent interchangeability, at the same time separability, of humanity and that which connects him or her to God. It has always been established like that. It has always been spoken or told like that. However, there is no mention of sugar in the process of deciphering the inner self. Yes, sugar. The sweet something in almost everything eaten. A culprit to the physical body, but never to the soul or spirit.

I awfully beg to differ. Sugar is a spirit killer.

I admit that I have a sugar addiction. It is not about ingesting and digesting the lush of sweetness, but it is the consequential weight that comes afterwards. I am not referring to the actual body weight increase, although it comes with it eventually,  but I am talking about that kind of heavy feeling. It is not for me to speak for most people, yet the feeling of full and empty at the same time is what disturbs the spirit into a confused state. This confusion somehow down-spirals until the feeling of being lost sinks in. And that is how I feel after indulging with a fist-sized double chocolate muffin, or allowing myself a domino effect of luscious TimTams. Cakes. Cupcakes. Coke. Ice creams. Breads. Pastries, mostly, are on the top of my evil list. They foster my weakness to prove that I am the master of my soul, least not, my body. When that happens, my spirit loses itself into a pitiful darkness, falling to its endless pit. And then, doubt sprouts. Insecurities query. Self blame follows. Hopelessness alights. The usual self-tales of woe.

My lack of discipline is random, but randomly relentless in the moment. I can control myself, but with sugar, it is a tricky one. I believe food, in general, crowds my ability to function with a complete spirit that reinforces a sound soul. I have a weird notion that high calorie intake is not really about becoming fat or physically sick. It is all about an attack to the spirit within. Because without the spirit or with an exhausted spirit, the soul will ultimately subject itself to evil, particularly evil of excesses. Vanity. Etc. Etc. Ordinary life as lived by many, actually.

This is the pretty funny part: I counter my remorseless sweet consumption with exercise. Makes sense, right? NO. I am justifying myself, kind of in denial of the whole idea. Again, it is not about getting rid of those extra kilos, or staying in that dress size. It is all about keeping the spirit bright and strong. Sugar-free diet? NO. Yoga, meditation? Good luck. Just plain and simple CONTROL. Self-Control. Good luck again.

Sugar is an essential part of the human diet too. It just breaks down to whether or not the necessity is at hand. I do not want to separate natural sugar or artificial sugar. There is no big difference. It will still kill the spirit if consumed irresponsibly. 

I doubt people see sugar as a dangerous drug, or compare it to alcohol and smoking. But, it should be moderated in the likeness of them all.