On Being An Attached Parent

They say, give to your child what you never had when you were a child. It means everything. A bit ironic because there is always something missing.

So in my case, there were too little hugs and kisses growing up. Actual affection was forbidden in the house. Respect was love. Perhaps it was the old ways carried down to one more generation. Me.

Honestly, my parenting is an ad-lib. I read books. I listened to my mother-in-law, even my mother. Nothing seemed right — let the baby cry it out, no co-sleeping, this, that, blah blah blah. I tried, but it was wrong. I saw the terror in my son's eyes when I left him in his cot crying it out. So I decided to wing it all. And then yesterday I found the label for my parenting style. Attachment Parenting. A more sensitive and emphatic way of caring for a child.

Writing this just made me exhausted like parenting itself.

Good night,