Cynicism not Anger

Once upon a comment, a friend responded and accused me of angry status posts. So I told him that he did not know me enough if he thought of them as such.

*roll eyes*

He is not the first. He is not alone. It is cynicism not anger in a batter of sarcasm or sneer. And for fucking's sake, I hate explaining my self for the context, gist, double meaning, or undertones of my words. I guess, he is not a friend or perhaps he does not read at all. I mean, I use to know him, so maybe he is not a friend, just a person from the past.

Most of my friends know how I arrange my words in such ways that they encroach the soul. I have been called a person with no morals in the past because of my choice of words and how I deliver them. Who cares.

I say nothing about me being right or proper or whatever suits social standards or collective righteousness. I just put my observation of people into words. Human beings are fascinating selfish creatures. How they disguise selfishness with sugar and spice. Amazing, really.

Now, now, now. When I write it, it is just judgement. It is observation with due interpretation. Is it?is it not? Besides, I do not drop names. I average a number of observations, especially when they keep popping on my news feed to the point of annoyance.

I seek no audience for my words. My status on Facebook are in the moment unsolicited rebuttals of human arrogance and misplaced righteousness, which pop up on my news feed. I love words. I love playing with words. I love people. I love observing people. I cannot help it.

And if I ever seek readers for my words, it would be my future self. It is a crazy experience when I read those I wrote previously. Of course, there are a handful of friends who enjoy my words. Otherwise, I will pen a book like that voice inside my head tells me for years and years, and oh my little sister who read my journals.

Serving letters with grilled cheese on top,


(If you read below and if you find it. This is quite a contradiction. Perhaps I have changed a bit. It is more or less four years ago after all.)